Saturday, 13 December 2008

Rev David Keen

I'm pleased to announce the formation of InPeace!, a group of evangelicals who will gatecrash OutRage! meetings and talk about Jesus for 20 minutes (Gay row, July 14). Rev David Keen, Darlington.
Letters, The Guardian, Wednesday July 16, 2003

It'll be a blessed relief if David Keen's - or any other - group of evangelicals can limit themselves to talking about Jesus for only 20 minutes (Letters, July 16). Fr Alec Mitchell
Letters, The Guardian, Thursday July 17, 2003

David is now vicaring in Yeovil. His blog St. Aidan to Abbey Manor is apparently the 104th most influential in the UK blogosphere. He blogs, a lot, every day - how keen is that?

evangelical: characterized by ardent or crusading enthusiasm; zealous

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