Saturday, 13 December 2008

Rev David Keen

I'm pleased to announce the formation of InPeace!, a group of evangelicals who will gatecrash OutRage! meetings and talk about Jesus for 20 minutes (Gay row, July 14). Rev David Keen, Darlington.
Letters, The Guardian, Wednesday July 16, 2003

It'll be a blessed relief if David Keen's - or any other - group of evangelicals can limit themselves to talking about Jesus for only 20 minutes (Letters, July 16). Fr Alec Mitchell
Letters, The Guardian, Thursday July 17, 2003

David is now vicaring in Yeovil. His blog St. Aidan to Abbey Manor is apparently the 104th most influential in the UK blogosphere. He blogs, a lot, every day - how keen is that?

evangelical: characterized by ardent or crusading enthusiasm; zealous

David Laws MP

David wows them in the Commons.

MP for Yeovil, Shadow Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families.

Gregory Barker

The Conservative MP for Bexhill and Battle speaks on dogs, and barks at the government:

"The kennel men and other hunt servants who know all the hounds by name and have nurtured them and brought them up since they were puppies will have to stand by and watch them be slaughtered en masse. The blood of those hounds will be on the hands of this government, who are dog haters."

Ferreted out by Smallweed (The Guardian) Saturday July 12, 2003

Simon Hart

Formerly Director of the Campaign for Hunting, currently Chief Executive, The Countryside Alliance. Or maybe they're one and the same thing?

hart: the male of the red deer especially when over five years old
Date: before 12th century
chiefly British
Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Steven Cooke

Steven is a freelance chef, and as you can read on his website, he wears many hats . . .

Executive freelance Chef  Steven Cooke has years of experience in the catering industry. Steven’s career to date has taken him around the world from personal chef to executive chef in five star hotels and successful restaurants.


The Culinary Arts Studio at the University of Brighton presents:
25th November - Canapes with CHEF STEVE COOKE

Colin Capon

International culinary celebrity Colin Capon has cooked his way around the world serving up his specialities to Royalty, Prime Ministers, Sultans and Presidents.

The Culinary Arts Studio at the University of Brighton presents:
17th December: Chocolate Workshop with CHEF COLIN CAPON

Friday, 12 December 2008

Life gives art a thrashing

In his Guardian column
Ava Gonow and co (Mon 25 Sep 1972), Barry Norman described the Phil D Basket game he used to play with fellow journalists Bernard Levin and Julian Holland. However, after regaling us with a stream of fictitious personages such as Warren Peace, the biographer of Tolstoy, and Bertha D Blews, jazz singer, he had to admit that real life was perfectly capable of trumping all their inventions.

Stand up, Bernt Persson! Although, on second thoughts, perhaps it'd be safer if you stayed in your seat . . .

We hereby introduce the title of Member of the Order of the Glove (Mog, or as it is known affectionately, Moggie), awarded for services to Glovology, and announce that the first Honorary Memberships are awarded to Bernt Persson, for being Bernt Persson, and to Barry Norman, for bringing his existence to the attention of Glovologists everywhere.

Lars Torders, anyone?

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Louis Potts

Louis Potts and Company, China Traders. Of Lewes. A family company since 1969.

Too good to be true? I'm afraid it looks like it - the company was set up by Mr and Mrs Clarke.

Check their website - lots of pots but no sign of a Potts - apart from the sign above the door, of course.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Wake & Paine

Funeral Directors in Middlesex.

Pic from analogueali on Flickr.

Thrush Eggshells Get Thinner

New Threat To UK'S Favourite Birds?
Dr. Mark Avery
, head of conservation science for Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, said: "This thinning is a cause for concern. It appears that eggshells have been thinning ever since the industrial revolution. We seem to have discovered a new ecological footprint".

Welcome to DeWind!

DeWind is a mechanical engineering company producing wind energy converters. This is the first DeWind-WEC build at DeWind assembling in Loughborough. The plant will be installed in windfarm at Großhänchen, Saxony.

Testa the Tester

Dr Alec Testa
Director of Assessment
Western Governors University

See his World Wide Web Resources for Assessment

Friday, 5 December 2008

Canadian Medical Association Journal

Onomastic gems from the Canadian Medical Association Journal:

from Erica Weir (Associate editor):

Take, for example, Julia Twigg's landmark 1983 paper, "Vegetarianism and the meaning of meat," or Dale Speedy's recent contributions to articles on marathon running. There's also D.P. Speach's work on stroke rehabilitation. The epithet "weir" means a dam across a stream to back it up. When we run a MEDLINE search on the author name "Weir" and the keyword "urology," it's not mere coincidence that we discover Julie Weir has authored in this field.

Frank M, Sturm M, Arnau H, Achenbach U. Quality of life and patient compliance during pain therapy. Multicenter study using Tramundin retard. Fortschr Med 1999;117(10):38-9.

from Susan Boron (Family physician):
· Dr. Ades: scientist studying HIV infection rates in babies
· Dr. Aikinhead: allergist
· Dr. Babey: family physician
· Dr. Colon: a psychiatrist, but he shoulda been a ...
· Dr. Deadman: coroner
· Dr. Healy: surgeon
· Dr. Foley: urologist
· Dr. Foote: podiatrist
· Dr. Iball: eye surgeon
· Dr. Morales: sex counsellor
· Dr. Nurse: obstetrician
· Dr. Pain: obstetrician
· Dr. Pipe: founding chair of Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada
· Dr. Quirk: psychiatrist
· Dr. Shin: orthopedic surgeon
· Drs. Splatt and Weedon: researchers studying the urethral syndrome
· Dr. Studd: runs an infertility clinic

Frances Crook

With the prison population about to top 70,000 today for the first time ever, the Howard League for Penal Reform is publishing a '5 Point Action Plan' to stave off the crisis. Frances Crook, Director of the Howard League called on the Home Secretary to take action ...
Press release, 1 March 2002

Hear Frances speak on her name on the Today Programme, 23 Dec 2012.

Crook and Blight

Estate agents, Newport.

"The 'House Sold' Name"

Doolittle & Dalley

Estate agents, Bridgnorth.

Wright Hassall & Co

Of Leamington Spa.

"Not all lawyers are the same"

Günter Wand

Volatile conductor who specialised in Bruckner

His rehearsals were meticulous and much appreciated by the orchestra, who respected him as part of a vanishing tradition.

Thursday, 4 December 2008


Herren Underwear
1003 Jazz-Pants
Aus der Serie 'Schiesser Bluebird' - Jazz-Pants aus 95% supergekämmter Baumwolle und 5% Elastan mit Nadelbund in weiss, admiral und schwarz.
Euro 13.50 DM 26.40

Underwear von Schiesser

Buy online ... but be careful how you pronounce it!

Die 1875 als Firma Jacques Schiesser in Radolfzell gegründete SCHIESSER AG, ist heute Marktführer unter den deutschen Wäschespezialisten und auf dem Weg vom deutschen Produktions- zum internationalen Markenunternehmen im textilen "close to skin" Produkt-Bereich.

Damen Slipidu
2001 String
String aus 95% supergekämmter Mako-Baumwolle und 5% Elastan in weiss und schwarz
Euro 7.95 DM 15.55

Mr Jimmy Choo

The Cobbler of Connaught Street

Mr Jimmy Choo is probably London's most famous shoe designer.

Born in Malaysia Mr Choo came to London to study footwear. He was awarded the 'Accessory Designer of the Year for 1999' at the most important fashion spectacle in the UK - the British Fashion Awards. Put your feet into the experienced hands of Mr Choo ...

See Jeffrey Black?

251 results on Google, but you can no longer see him in Paisley, apparently.

Black & Lizars sold to London consortium

Payne the dentist

Ian D Payne, Birmingham
Dr Julia Payne, Manchester
Kenton Clifford Payne, Lymington
Robert Mitchell Payne, Stourbridge
Trevor Malcolm Payne, London

Search the find-a-dentist database

Swindells Gentry

"To us you are more than numbers"

G. Richard Wagoner, Jr.

I’m Rick Wagoner, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of General Motors.

GM submitted a plan to Congress on Tuesday that called for $18 billion in loans and warned that the 100-year old iconic American company won't have enough money to run its business without an immediate cash infusion of $4 billion.

David Walker

The middle classes go by train, while poor wait for the bus

Travel by rail tends to be middle-class, male and middle-aged. Poorer people and the young predominantly use buses and bikes, or walk. Older people travel less and when they do, they walk, take the bus or drive ...

Domaine Herbouze

This is already ready to gulp and is exclusive to Tesco who are buying the domaine's entire 2000 and 2001 crop. Useful, easy wine for those who want to drink organic. And the name could hardly be better, could it? ...

And while we're on the subject:

Joly, the green giant
Harnessing the planets to make wine may sound like mumbo jumbo. But it works for Nicolas Joly, France's most passionate exponent of biodynamism ...

Tim Atkin

Graham Heale

Chiropractic - what it is and is not

Chiropractic began in 1895 when one Daniel David Palmer, a 'healer', of Ohio decided that a supposed spinal misalignment could be rectified by a direct forceful movement. After doing this, he reported, there were considerable changes to his patients' symptoms ...

Graham Heale
Secretary, British Chiropractic Association

HealthWatch, The Campaign Against Health Fraud
Newsletter 5

White and Black

Straw changes tack on single currency
Foreign secretary now backs early referendum
by Michael White and Ian Black in Brussels

Oh we know it's right
It's in Black and White
And it's all written down in his diary!
Pepys's Diary, Benny Hill

Andrew Goodsell

Consumer Finance Awards
Dedication to over-50s pays off

Best insurance provider:
Saga Services
... is now the leading provider of insurance in the over-50s market with around a million motor and household policyholders. It is recognised for being particularly good value in the motor insurance market where its prices are 30% below the market average.

Managing director: Andrew Goodsell

Saturday June 30, 2001 The Guardian

Sue Head

Earlsmead Primary School
... housed in Victorian buildings dating from 1897, Earlsmead is a multi-cultural, multi-lingual inner city primary school in South Tottenham.'The leadership of the headteacher and governing body is very good; they manage the school efficiently.'

Headteacher: Sue Head

Simon Wild

... and Sussex Wildlife Protection Group - saved Copper the fox from certain death by the local hunt. After retrieving Copper from the hounds, they plugged the rabbit hole he'd bolted down with a helmet loaned by a compassionate police officer (who is sadly unable to accept his Animal Pride award). When the coast was clear, Copper was rushed to a vet and treated for shock and internal bleeding. He is now fully recovered and has been released into an area where hunting is banned ...

See Simon's photos in the gallery devoted to Henry S Salt, humanitarian reformer and author of A Plea for Vegetarianism.

****** Fidler

... admitted a charge of theft, bailed on condition he reports 3 times a week to police ...
The ***** (local newspaper), Fri 16 Nov 2001

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Michael Leader

... a supporting actor on EastEnders who has played the Albert Square milkman since the first episode in 1985. On Tuesday, his first ever spoken line was broadcast: "Is this yours, squire?".

"I'm a great aficionado of the old music hall as my father Harry was a big band leader in the 1950s ... "

Tony Dedman

... a former bomb disposal expert with the army and Scotland Yard's anti-terrorist squad ...

The BBC's Nicola Carslaw

"A tough new line on the problem of abandoned cars has been unveiled by the government."

Watch Nicola tell it like it is.
31 October 2001

Hartwell and Nurse

The Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institutet has decided to award The Nobel Prize in Medicine for 2001 jointly to Leland H. Hartwell, Timothy Hunt and Paul Nurse (director general, Imperial Cancer Research Fund) for their discoveries of "key regulators of the cell cycle".

8 October 2001

Nobel Prize Internet Archive
The Nobel Foundation
The Ig Nobel Home Page

Simon Drew

... works in pen and ink with an emphasis on wildlife and everyday subjects.

"Trust me, I'm a ducktor"

Gallery and Designs