Friday, 5 December 2008

Canadian Medical Association Journal

Onomastic gems from the Canadian Medical Association Journal:

from Erica Weir (Associate editor):

Take, for example, Julia Twigg's landmark 1983 paper, "Vegetarianism and the meaning of meat," or Dale Speedy's recent contributions to articles on marathon running. There's also D.P. Speach's work on stroke rehabilitation. The epithet "weir" means a dam across a stream to back it up. When we run a MEDLINE search on the author name "Weir" and the keyword "urology," it's not mere coincidence that we discover Julie Weir has authored in this field.

Frank M, Sturm M, Arnau H, Achenbach U. Quality of life and patient compliance during pain therapy. Multicenter study using Tramundin retard. Fortschr Med 1999;117(10):38-9.

from Susan Boron (Family physician):
· Dr. Ades: scientist studying HIV infection rates in babies
· Dr. Aikinhead: allergist
· Dr. Babey: family physician
· Dr. Colon: a psychiatrist, but he shoulda been a ...
· Dr. Deadman: coroner
· Dr. Healy: surgeon
· Dr. Foley: urologist
· Dr. Foote: podiatrist
· Dr. Iball: eye surgeon
· Dr. Morales: sex counsellor
· Dr. Nurse: obstetrician
· Dr. Pain: obstetrician
· Dr. Pipe: founding chair of Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada
· Dr. Quirk: psychiatrist
· Dr. Shin: orthopedic surgeon
· Drs. Splatt and Weedon: researchers studying the urethral syndrome
· Dr. Studd: runs an infertility clinic

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