Friday, 12 December 2008

Life gives art a thrashing

In his Guardian column
Ava Gonow and co (Mon 25 Sep 1972), Barry Norman described the Phil D Basket game he used to play with fellow journalists Bernard Levin and Julian Holland. However, after regaling us with a stream of fictitious personages such as Warren Peace, the biographer of Tolstoy, and Bertha D Blews, jazz singer, he had to admit that real life was perfectly capable of trumping all their inventions.

Stand up, Bernt Persson! Although, on second thoughts, perhaps it'd be safer if you stayed in your seat . . .

We hereby introduce the title of Member of the Order of the Glove (Mog, or as it is known affectionately, Moggie), awarded for services to Glovology, and announce that the first Honorary Memberships are awarded to Bernt Persson, for being Bernt Persson, and to Barry Norman, for bringing his existence to the attention of Glovologists everywhere.

Lars Torders, anyone?

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