Thursday, 30 September 2010

Swindle the copper

Detective Superintendent of Strathclyde Police David Swindle is seated far right. The photo is from the Scottish Prisons Commission's Public Debate in Glasgow, May 2009.

NB: thanks again to The Guardian, 18 December 2003

Severe on behaviour, Severe on the causes of behaviour

Actually, despite her name, she's all for positive strategies: the book "does not focus on what children do wrong. It teaches parents what they can do differently."

NB: thanks again to The Guardian, 18 December 2003

Shovelin the fireplace

"I wouldn't believe my name is linked to my job, that I was destined to be a fireplace fitter from the day I was born," says Hugh Shovelin. So you haven't always been a fireplace fitter? "I have, actually," he says. "Twenty years in the business, straight from school." And you still don't believe there's anything to it? "There might be a theory in it somewhere. I don't know. It was only meant to be a temporary job."

NB: Thanks to The Guardian, 18 December 2003

Corn Maze in California

corn maze in Petaluma, California (Google Lat Long Blog)

So I suppose a tired old joke about maize would be Maize Corn?

NB: I know, I know, some of you may protest that this isn't an aptronym. You're entitled to your opinion. I think it's on the borderline . . .