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Cardinal Sin admits feeling 'hopeless' over crises

"ARCHBISHOP of Manila Jaime Cardinal Sin yesterday confessed to feelings of hopelessness over the national situation ... "

By Norman Bordadora
Inquirer News Service
January 6, 2001

Bernt Persson

"Unlike the great Heathens idols that followed him in the late seventies and early eighties, Bernie had the unenviable job of leading Cradley through some of the tougher times. However, his superb statistical record and accomplished riding style has made sure that this 'Black Country Swede' will always remain in the hearts of the old Dudley Wood faithful ..."
Cradley Heath Speedway Club

Bernie seems to have raced in Britain for some 10 years without a single serious accident, despite his name.

His finest hour
1972 World Final (Wembley): Ivan Mauger 13, Bernt Persson 13, Ole Olsen 12, Christer Lofqvist 11, John Louis 11, . . .

* Another Scandinavian 70s speedway star was Norwegian Reidar Eide.

Mayor's bedtimes put youth to sleep

"The party is over for Spanish children in the Canary Island town of Aguimes: the mayor has announced a curfew that will send them to bed well before midnight on schooldays. Antonio Morales said the town's 7,000 under-16s were staying up so late that it was affecting their schoolwork, making them apathetic and turning them into drug-taking troublemakers ..."

Giles Tremlett in Madrid
Guardian Wednesday October 3, 2001

Watch on the world

"When the global media talk, BBC Caversham listens. Then its experts transcribe and translate broadcasts from front line countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan.

... On an adjacent desk, Steve Watcham was copy tasting for the daily news file ..."

Maggie Brown
Guardian Monday October 1, 2001

At the sign of the limp hand

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